Monday, June 20, 2011

A Moment for Tackiness II

Maybe I've been feeling a tad stressed out lately, or perhaps just worn out, or maybe its just listening to at 45 minute playlist of music I don't love over and over all day, but right now, nothing sounds better than floating around in a pool.

  Or maybe even making-out in a pool by night?

 This is a little bit extremely scary, it's a hotel in Singapore where i plan to never stay!

I like the idea of being able to chuck myself out of the bedroom, or living room directly into the pool, in a dramatic fashion of course; However, I DO NOT like the idea of sheets constantly stinking of chlorine, but its a trade-off I suppose.


This pool somehow manages to make the sky look tacky, which is a real feat. I still love this though!

When it comes down to it, yes, pools are kind of tacky, but guess what? They are also kind of the best thing ever. I think a line has to be drawn at pools that are designed to look "natural". They never do, so whats the point? Keep them geometric, and self-aware. Nothing worse than a pool that's totally oblivious and honestly thinks it blends into a natural setting! Oh wait, above-ground pools are even worse!

I nearly chose not to include this post as another episode (?) of "A Moment For Tackiness".   I felt really torn, about the level of tackiness. Is it really at the same level as the tokyo nail expo? Not sure...

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  1. Anonymous30.6.11

    Wonderful post. I think perhaps you are beginning to articulate the line between tacky and cheesy? I’m not sure. Tackiness can be very subtle and I hope that you continue to explore these concepts on your fabulous blog.

    I agree that “natural” pools are generally an embarrassment. I consider waterslides to be the high crime of garden planning/landscape design, they are simply NEVER a good idea.



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