Friday, June 10, 2011

Dream House Tour

If the world goes too crazy I think I could be very happy shipping off to a tropical island and living in a little beach hut. I would have to kidnap my mother and sister and drag them with me though.  Of course if I went this route, I wouldn't be able to park a caravan nearby, so I'd probably need a sweet little cottage in the woods, with the tree house, and caravan on the property.

I suppose I'd begin to get creeped out or maybe just depressed if I lived underground like the above images, but again, it could be an interesting little addition to this ever expanding "property" of mine. It could be an excellent spot for an afternoon tea, a la Mr. Tumnus. 

I would also be open to the possibility of owning a houseboat and living on it part time. FYI, it is tremendously practical being so flexible about lifestyle.  

 I haven't been able to find an image of my ideal houseboat, but I'm sure it is out there, it really is more of an aquatic caravan than anything else.

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