Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Square Footage

I live in a studio apartment in New York, that is  really more appropriate for a child or doll to be living in than 2 "adults". I love it, despite its miniature size, but it does make me wonder about square footage, not so much wondering if I'd be happier in a 7,000 square foot McMansion, but wondering what other tiny places I could call home.

Size-wise, my apartment is about the same as a sweet little cottage, but its in the middle of Manhattan, not the middle of a garden. It is very common in New York to propel the notion that moving from this city somehow induces severe mental illness. "Oh no, no, you'd loose your mind if you left!" We all very quickly remind friends who share fantasies of living on the beach, or in the country or just threaten general desertion.

Maybe, its too hot in New York, or maybe I just need a weekend trip, but right now, living in a little shack in the woods sounds pretty good.

This is ideal. I suppose it would get very very drafty, so perhaps it is only suitable as a summer house or in a warm climate.

Maybe I can just move in with Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, at least my laundry would be taken care of!

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