Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Secret Shame.

 I am ashamed to admit, that, like many a bored gal, I sometimes give some vague extremely detailed thought to what I would like my wedding day to look like. No, I am not planning an actual wedding. Oh well!

I have recently concluded that the ideal setting is an abandoned, deteriorating church, with the no roof, thus exposing the big beautiful sky!

Of course, fairy lights will be added, and flowers, but nothing too much, I think weddings these days are, for the most part totally disgusting, over the top and lacking in taste.  In some ways, even these magical settings are too much for me; I'd probably rather have a backyard bbq, and be barefoot in a gorgeous gown, sipping gorgeous champagne with my gorgeous family and friends.

I'm not too worried either way since I am not engaged. Being a girl is so fun and funny.

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