Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smiling in Bed

If you look for pictures of beds, it is amazing how incredibly happy all of the people in bed appear to be

These women are just so so happy to be asleep!

"haha! we're in bed! Its so wonderful, all we can do is laugh!"

This one spells it out! "the happiest people are those who stay in bed"
I didn't know this; I always suspected it, but I wasn't certain.

Stretching in bed is so fun!

 I recently started reading a book that discusses being proactive in life and how to get what you want etc, and that seems to be in stark contrast to what I'm learning from all these pictures. The message I'm really picking up is that I should run  immediately home and get into bed, and then I would really have something to smile about.

We are having wonderful sleeping weather at the moment.

This feels a little more honest and is probably closer to what I will do at the end of the day.


1 comment:

  1. If you ever have to get out of bed, make sure you have a salad with you because apparently they are hilarious!



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