Sunday, October 23, 2011

Social Experiment/ Anthropological Study

We've all heard those tips/superstitions about the home, whether it's Feng Shui or just an old wives tale about certain  colors of bedding bringing  love into your life. I have decided to put them to the test. I'm not doing anything terribly drastic, but I always enjoy running social "experiements" in my own life. This paired with the fact that  Ive become increasingly obsessed by the New York Times Home and Garden Section as well as Elle Decor and of course, old fatihful, Architectural Digest means that my next experiment will be interior-design based.

The basic mission of my test is to make my apartment into somewhere I really want to be, somewhere highly organized, charming, cozy and filled with warms smells, food and drink. The question then is: once I have done this will it in fact come to possess the magical powers to propel people (and money??)  towards me and my home? Will the love of my life be drawn to me like Edmund to the Ice Queen, she with her turkish delights and propensity for evil, and me with savory snacks, scented candles and a desire to love? Will I be more successful in my career?  The great thing about this experiment is that if it doesn't work, I end up with a cozy apartment, and I already have a very happy life, so, it's without risk.

Ideally, I'd like my apartment to be somewhere  Oscar Wilde would feel relatively at home. Or at least somewhere he wouldn't be totally appalled by.

Another element of this project is going to be, expanding my cooking repertoire, constantly keeping my finger and toe nails polished, and never leaving the house looking too awful. 

Basically, just trying to be a grown-up woman and stop acting like a teenage boy with paint on his jeans and dirt beneath his nails! 

I realize this all probably makes it sound as if I live in squalor, dine on potato chips and don't believe in personal hygiene. That is not quite the case. In fact I don't have very much work to do on my apartment, but I feel a strong desire to really perfect it. And in regards to the nail polish, this is because a dear friend of mine, who is older and much more together recently told me that enough is enough and I simply must take better care of my hands. So I shall.

Wish me luck! Try it yourself! Stay tuned for home design projects, easy yummy recipes, good nail polish shades, and of course more of the usual.

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