Monday, November 14, 2011

Tea Time + Time to Set the Facts Straight.

I am a huge fan of tea, I like to drink it, and I especially like it when it involves pastries, or even just a piece (or 10) or toast.

It can be so enjoyable with a good friend

Or perhaps, a lover!

Definitely, toute seule.

The Thompson Twins obviously agree with me.

And so should you.

I often feel ill after tea, but not int the same way as I imagine these people do,  usually just from eating too much.

And now I must do my due diligence, and help spread the truth, spread it like marmite on toast, or jam or even butter.. I am sick and tired of hearing people use the term "high tea" thinking that it means a formal tea with lots of sweets and delicacies. That is simple NOT the meaning. "High Tea" is a term that originates from the fact that high tea is served on chairs of a table height, and eaten at the kitchen or dining room table, it is never sweets, it would actually be tea with something savory and hearty. It originates from the meals that men of the working class would eat after a day's hard labor.  "Low Tea" would be served in a parlor on parlor chairs which are shorter in height, and this is what people think they are talking about. How about instead of getting confused we just invite friends to a "Formal  Afternoon Tea". Or if it's in the morning, how about "Elevenses", I mean if it must be pretentious, why not go all out and actually get the facts straight. Sound doable? The next time someone asks me to a "high tea" (which will probably be never because I am obviously too uptight and petty) I will bring meatloaf and beans. I suggest you do the same.

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