Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kobi Levi Shoes

My lovely aunt sent me an e-mail with images from this designer, Kobi Levi's work.

 Normally I have kind of a hard time getting down with "funny fashion". I think it can be a real mistake, and go seriously wrong pretty quickly; even though I like funny everything else, something about it just irks me. "What is it that's really bothering you, Arabella? Is it really that problematic that some people want  to create humor in body adornment?" - asked in shrink voice. x-(

 Because footwear is, by nature, so sculptural, it can work as something else all together. Still, it just makes me a bit sick to my stomach to be doing a "kooky shoe post". How many of those does this world really need?

I guess once I get over myself and realize that not everything is trying to be SO CHIC and FASHION FORWARD...(VOM), I love these!

 "Mother and Daughter" Ha!

 People have been making humorous shoes forever, and its just a constant inner battle for me to accept that I do enjoy it. So there! I'll say it: I LIKE FUNNY SHOES!

Love this Madonna shoe! Best part has to be the microphone strap.

Olive Oyl!!

All the work and images are from

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