Friday, September 2, 2011

Life Aquatic

I was in Montauk for the past couple of days, at one point I ate a cheeseburger down by the wharf and I decided to become obsessed with fishermen. It suddenly hit me, that this new found passion would be a great fit .  I can easily romanticize the whole concept and completely glaze over the reality of the job, and there are plenty of images to look at, books to read and movies to watch on the subject!

Talk about camaraderie! Though, all the singing and boozing and smoking in the world can't make being knocked about in a tiny smelly space with no lady friends that much easier, can it?

It seems that fishing, though such a necessary and dangerous business has not been made all that much easier by technology. Of course there are radars and signaling advances which make a difference, and maybe there is a TV in the main cabin, but really its still just guys heading out in a boat, hoping to catch big fish, and not their death.

Fishermen have the best faces. (Another sweeping generalization, but this is my space for that)

One just thinks of the wives, at home with the babies, perhaps bundled in one of their man's old sweaters, waiting and praying for his safe return; the men doing brutal physical labor out in the cold sea, with nothing but whiskey to warm them.

This is actually I little bit ridiculous, its just TOO romantic.

Pretty colors!

There is something endlessly appealing about fishermen, or is that just me?

  We couldn't possible forget about sea shanties now could we? This is a fantastic song off a fantastic album! I happen to listen to this one fairly frequently, so I thought I'd share it, but all the songs on here are excellent!


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