Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dear Mr. Weatherman,

 What the deal, Mr. Weatherman? It's October...Are you mad at the world, or just confused? Why is it snowing?

Of course, we all remember, clear as day, the blizzard of '78, the above image is from then. Well  actually, at the time, I wasn't "even a twinkle in the eye" as my mother would say, but I definitely remember my parents often referencing it.  Brrrrrrr
I think I only want to date people who were alive for that blizzard. Just something I've been toying with, not certain it will be a steadfast rule.

Yuck. Hopefully this little display from the gods, or whatever, will melt and it will be summer again tomorrow!

I want to do a drawing of an old mad slumping around with an unmbrella in the snow...That is how I feel today. Like an old codger bumbling around, huffing and puffing.


Boil water.

Select a cozy tea, such as Sleepytime, Roastaroma, or something along those lines. Steep.

Add milk, to taste.

Add honey to taste.

Add whiskey....Feel better.


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